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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Mar 24, 2017

Regular listeners will know that just a couple of days ago I released by 200th episode, where I was interviewed by the one and only Mark Schaefer. Well today, I’m returning the favour (well, to be honest, he’s the one doing all the favours) and talking to him about his new book, KNOWN.

Becoming Known


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Becoming KNOWN

For those who don’t know, Mark Schaefer is one of the leading lights in the online marketing space. Now that’s a busy space, but his enduring wisdom marks him out as someone who not only gets how to do the whole online marketing thing, but who can teach it effectively, without resorting to peppy motivational lines.

His premise about becoming KNOWN applies to anyone with a message they need to be heard, a business or cause to promote, or who wants to improve their own standing in any sphere of life.

He’s also one of the sweetest guys very generous with his time and expertise, and I’m so glad I decided to bring him on.


Mark's Website: Businesses Grow

BookKNOWN (Amazon affiliate link)

Workbook: KNOWN Personal Branding Workbook (ditto)

Mark on Twitter: @markwschaefer

Video: Pete as the Easter Bunny

KNOWN Case Study: Antonio Centaro

KNOWN Case Study: Zander Zon

Book: Peter Drucker - Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Amazon affiliate link)


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For the chance to win one of five copies of Mark's book KNOWN, please leave a comment below telling me why you think becoming KNOWN will help your cause/business/career/whatever. I'll choose my favourites to receive a book.

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