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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Feb 28, 2020

I’ve had a few people recently ask about starting a pension. Now for many this will seem very basic, but clearly there’s a need for a simple, straightforward video on setting up a pension for the first time:

Feb 26, 2020

Last week we spent some time getting current with all our amassed pension plans investments bank accounts and insurance policies. Today we need to decide what we are actually going to do with all that information…

Feb 21, 2020

This week is a big deal for many wealth-builders because it marks the official release of a pension plan by Vanguard, the darling of the FIRE movement. I want to go over the basic specs of the plan, and provide a little bit of balance…

Feb 19, 2020

We spent some time last week talking about refining our vision and setting our goals for retirement. Now we know where we’re going, we need to just stop and take stock of where we are now and really understand what provision we’ve already made towards our goal of financial independence.

Feb 14, 2020

Last week we went over the basic rules of Capital Gains Tax and how it works. Like any set of rules, there are planning angle you can consider to minimise your exposure to this tax.