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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Eventually, life in retirement settles into a nice rhythm. Most folks get to a point where they have everything they need - they’ve taken the big holidays, bought the camper van - and they find a level of balance in their daily routine. That’s exactly as it should be but presents some challenges and also...

Jun 17, 2020

In retirement, any mistakes you make with your finances are likely to be more costly simply because you may not have the time to undo them. I want to try and help you side-step them before they become an issue for you, and as always, that starts with awareness.

Jun 10, 2020

Risk is an inherent part of wealth-building and wealth-enjoying, as we’re talking about in this season. As you know by now, risk comes in all kinds of flavours, some of which are specific to different life stages. Today I want to talk about the risks you’ll face with your money in retirement.

Jun 8, 2020

Pretty much nothing has changed when it comes to writing wills, arranging funerals and applying for probate in…well, in a very long time. Today I’m chatting with Dan Garrett, CEO of Farewill and he’s on a mission to force change in what he calls the death industry!

Jun 3, 2020

Today I want to talk about investing in retirement, which is a big subject, to say the least. So I’ve called in someone who knows what they are talking about because they have helped build a system for my sponsors, Seven Investment Management, to provide a future-proof managed investment system for their clients. I...