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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 28, 2015

For years now I’ve been preaching here that money management is simple, and I do hold to that. But, while it may be simple, that doesn’t mean it is EASY. Financial success takes time, sometimes a long time, and it can be difficult to keep the faith and stick to it for a long time. In today’s show, we’re going to...

Oct 21, 2015

Today’s guest is a financial powerhouse who has transformed his life and that fortunes of his family through embracing the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the seminal work, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In this interview, we get an insight into the mind of J. Massey and into the power of Cashflow…

Session 132 Header - Th ePower of Cashflow



Oct 14, 2015

The mortgage application process got more difficult last year, and right now, I’m experiencing this first hand. Today I talk to leading mortgage broker Andrew Montlake of Coreco, and he’s going to tell us what we need to KNOW, and what we need to DO when applying for a mortgage.

Session 131 Applying for a mortgage

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Oct 7, 2015

Peer to peer lending is one of those things in life while there have been versions of it around for years, its popularity has exploded thanks to the internet. I am getting more and more enquiries and comments about it, so I thought we’d have a good look at it today.

Peer to peer lending - worth a look?

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