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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Time to round off Season 20 of the Meaningful Money Podcast and this time, my guest is me! As I can’t really interview myself, I’ve called in my best mate Roger Weeks to guide the episode. My One Big Thing - the title of this season - is that most of us don’t need to instruct an adviser to make serious headway...

Oct 6, 2021

This week I’m chatting to another Personal Finance creator, Prerna Khemlani of ThisGirlInvests. Her One Big Thing is bridging the Gender Pension Gap, and she has some good things to say about an important subject.

Sep 29, 2021

Today’s show is a little bit different, and might be a bit polarising, and it’s certainly longer than usual! I’m chatting with my friend and fellow financial planner Shabbar Kassam of Lumos Financial about Money and Faith.

Sep 22, 2021

The longer I do my job, the more I understand that it is a people business and not really about money at all. Our behaviours, our responses to influences, our decision-making - all these are what really counts towards our financial success or otherwise, and my guest this week, Catherine Morgan, is here to talk about...

Sep 15, 2021

Anne Boden is an extraordinary lady. Not many of us wake up one morning and think to ourselves ‘I’m going to start a bank’. She did that and founded Starling Bank whose results speak for themselves. She is now turning her considerable talents to the mission of making money equal between the sexes.