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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

It's fair to say that retiring is a big deal for lots of reasons, but not least because there can be a lot to sort out. Today we want to look at the practical elements of preparing for retirement and also the less tangible stuff, like working out what you're actually going to do with your time!

Nov 17, 2021

Good budget control is the cornerstone of building wealth. If you always spend every penny that comes in, you'll never have anything left to save and invest for the future.

Say like that, and it sounds obvious - and it IS! But we all know that this is harder to do than it is to say. So let's get into some quick wins to...

Nov 10, 2021

Today Pete and Roger are going to be talking about how you can make some quick wins with your workplace pension, which is a hugely neglected area of most people's financial planning, but also super-important.

Nov 3, 2021

There's a real lack of understanding about the roles of platforms, accounts and investments in your wealth-building. Our goal today is to make sure you know what all these moving parts do, and how best to optimise them for your future success.