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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Jan 6, 2016

It’s a New Year, a time for taking stock, planning ahead and getting motivated. Today I have eight questions for you to ask yourself at the head of the year. Questions to help you focus you attention on your financial health this year.

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In this session:

Back in New Year 2014 (when I had also just moved house, co-incidentally) I did a session on goal setting. Obviously it is the time of year to do sessions like that, and that session is worth going back over, but this year I want to do something a little different and give you some questions to ask yourself to get you thinking about what you want to achieve this year and how you might go about it.

Here are the eight questions:

  1. What is going to be important to me this year?
  2. How am I going to prioritise these things each day/week/month?
  3. What was important to me last year, and did I succeed in prioritising these things?
  4. What can I learn from 2015 that I can apply in 2016?
  5. What are my financial goals right now?
  6. Can I stretch these goals more than I already am?
  7. How can I earn more money in 2016?
  8. How can I give more in 2016?

So, just a few questions to start the year off in the right frame of mind and to set yourself on a track to financial success and abundance this year. I’d love to know how you have answered these for yourselves, so do leave a comment below:

***A full transcript will be available shortly - check back soon (Out of routine for the New Year, sorry!)***

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