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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 23, 2016

It’s a new season here on MeaningfulMoney and we’re going to be building on the previous two seasons and talk about how to build wealth the right way, that is for the long term. I work with clients every day who have been carefully building wealth over many years, and have done so without living like monks along the way. I am seeking to emulate those people and in this season, I want to try to impart what I am continuing to learn and apply.

Building Wealth


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This podcast is brought to you with the help of Seven Investment Management, a firm of investment managers based in London. They specialise in multi-asset investing, bringing institutional investing techniques to ordinary people like you and me. 7IM put their name to my show and to my site because they believe in what I’m doing, trying to get decent, easy-to-understand financial information out to the world. I’m very grateful to them for their support. You can see what they’re up to at

Building Wealth

OK, so we did a whole season on investing, back in Season 2, and talked about decision-making in Season 3. When I talk about building wealth, I’m not just talking about investing and the mechanics of doing that, but about bringing together all the necessary disciplines to increase your net worth, and your sense of financial wellbeing. Today I want to lay the groundwork for the season. Not sure how many episodes there will be, but it will be at least seven, maybe more. I’m excited to get started…

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Why it's important to define wealth correctly
  • My preferred definition of what it means to be wealthy
  • That there's no 'right' way to build wealth
  • Why it's important to use all the tools at our disposal
  • The fundamentals which must be in place before you even think about building wealth
  • Why you should create a vision for your future to hold on to

Resources mentioned in this show

Book: Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Blog: The Definition of Wealth

Podcast: Cash Flow or Capital Gains, with Buck Joffrey

Video: Harnessing the power of compounding

Podcast: Informed Choice Radio


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