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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 19, 2016

I do love it when listeners get in touch, which happens nearly every day. When Vanessa Kettner got in touch and we traded emails, it quickly became apparent that she had something to offer all of us, so I invited her on, specifically to talk about something she calls The Seinfeld Trick, or the power of small increments.

The Power Of Small Increments

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The Power of Small Increments

Vanessa Kettner got in touch via voicemail, which you'll hear in this week's show. She told a brief story of how she has used a little trick, learned from her mother. She has applied to various areas of her life, from learning a musical instrument, and latterly to improving her personal financial situation. She joins me to talk about her journey...

In this show, you'll learn:

  • The origins of what Vanessa calls The Seinfeld Trick
  • How it enabled her to move up to first clarinet
  • How she has applied it to educate herself financially...
  • ...and also take action to improve her financial situation

Resources mentioned in this week's show

Book: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed Goals Sheet: Here's Vanessa's own fold-up goals sheet which she keeps with her Oyster Card Designer: Lindsay Derecola (designed the fold-up goals sheet) - Portfolio, LinkedIn, Email

Vanessa Kettner Contact Details

Website: Personal Best - Personal Productivity Training & Coaching Email: Send Vanessa a message LinkedIn: Connect with Vanessa


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Question: How might you apply the power of small increments in your financial life?

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