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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Mar 22, 2017

The first MeaningfulMoney was back in November 2012, and today I hit another big milestone of 200 episodes. And this week, for something a little different, I'm delighted to welcome Mark Schaefer, who hijacks my show for his own purposes... Session 200


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This podcast is brought to you with the help of Seven Investment Management, a firm of investment managers based in London. They specialise in multi-asset investing, bringing institutional investing techniques to ordinary people like you and me. 7IM put their name to my show and to my site because they believe in what I’m doing, trying to get decent, easy-to-understand financial information out to the world. I’m very grateful to them for their support. You can see what they’re up to at

Celebrating Session 200

Long-time listeners will remember Session 100, when I brought in my daughters, then aged 15 and 12, to ask a bunch of questions. It was giggly fun, but not rich, insightful content.

This time Mark Schaefer, educator, consultant and author of six books including his most recent, KNOWN, asks some much more insightful questions than Ellie & Kate Matthew(!), including a bunch of questions asked by YOU!

I'm grateful to Mark for helping me out with this episode. Stay tuned for an extra special episode on Friday this week when I turn the tables on Mark and interview him about KNOWN, which features MeaningfulMoney as a case study.


Mark's Website: Businesses Grow


Mark on Twitter: @markwschaefer


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