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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

May 18, 2016

With rising house prices and tight mortgage lending criteria, it can be harder than ever for first time house buyers to make that first step onto the housing ladder. Fortunately, Her Majesty’s government is riding to the rescue 😉  This week I’m going to be talking to listener Simon Hancock, who knows this market inside out, having recently gone through the process himself…

Getting on to the housing ladder


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Getting on to the housing ladder with shared ownership

Right, let’s crack on! Simon Hancock emailed me suggesting that I might do a session on the various schemes that are available to help house buyers, well, buy a house. It was so clear from the email that Simon had done the research and that he knew his onions, that I fired one straight back and asked if I could interview him. He kindly agreed, and this session is the result.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  1. The different methods which new homebuyers can get help from the government
  2. The pros and cons of these shared ownership schemes
  3. The mechanics of how they work, and what to watch for
  4. Which options might be suited for which people
  5. How you can prepare for owning your first home, and the financial side of doing so.

I’m grateful to Simon for his input, both in coming up with the idea for the show, and for doing the homework so I didn’t have to! And also for putting up with a pretty ropey Skype connection…

Resources mentioned in this show:

Website: site on shared ownership


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