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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

May 4, 2016

Back in session 137 I talked about different ways tohave more money to invest for your future, from asking for a raiseto some basic online methods such as renting out a room on Airbnb.This week, I want to delve into this a little further, becausethere has never been a better time to start making money online in2016.

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Making Money Online in 2016

My guest today is a great buddy of mine, even thoughI have never met him in real life! We’re in a mastermind grouptogether and he knows a thing or two about marketing using onlinemethods, and about what people are looking for in 2016.

Chris is founder of The Content Marketing Academy,a multi-faceted organisation which provides workshops, websiteaudits, and even a full scale conference, all delivering Chris’unique brand of passion for his subject. He has helped many peopletake their businesses to the next level by leveraging contentmarketing technique to widen their audience.

In this session, you'll discover:

  1. Chris's background, and the key inspirational figure that heand I share
  2. How to take a hobby and turn it into something you can get paidfor
  3. An old school method of making money which still works in2016
  4. Why people will pay for convenience
  5. The site Chris uses to hire freelancers, and how you canuse it to make money
  6. The holy grail of online income - can it work for you?

In all we cover nine methods for making money online in 2016.There are bound to be two or more which you can take advantage ofright now to being making some extra money. Think what you could dowith the extra money, and how it would improve your financialprospects.

Resources mentioned in this show

Chris's website: TheContent Marketing Academy

Conference: TCMA 2016 (I'll be delivering the closing keynote atthe end of day one) Inspiration: GaryVaynerchuk, and his books Crush It, The Thankyou Economy, Jab Jab Jab RightHook, and TheAskGaryVee Book (all Amazon affiliate links).

Inspiration: Chris Guillebeau,and his book The$100 Startup

Freelancing: FiverrUpwork

Selling courses: Udemy, Skillshare

Selling stuff: Etsy, Ebay

Rent out a room: Airbnb And ofcourse, as always there is a full transcript of the show, availableby clicking the big blue button below: [Insert TranscriptionLeadbox here]

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