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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Mar 9, 2016

Now the EU referendum has been announced, there is one question which I am starting to hear over and over again: How will Brexit affect my investments? Today I’m speaking to friend of the show, Justin Urquhart Stewart of Seven Investment Management, he of the red braces fame, and ask his opinion. He also tells us how he is going to vote and why…

What does Brexit mean for investments?

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How will Brexit affect my investments?

Since 1973 the UK has been a member of the European Economic Community, and we voted in a referendum to stay within it in 1975. Well, I didn’t, as I was born that year!

Since then, the EEC has changed beyond all recognition and now, on June 23rd we’re going to be given the chance to vote again on whether we should stay or leave what is now called the EU.

As you can imagine, my clients have been asking the question - what will the British Exit, or Brexit mean for investments? So I have been reading, listening and watching what I can to try and get on top of the pros and cons of each camp. The first person I called was Justin Urquhart Stewart, who returns to the MeaningfulMoney podcast for the fifth time!

In this session, you'll discover:

  1. What affect the announcement of the EU referendum has already had on investments
  2. Justin's view on the pros and cons of a British exit from the EU
  3. Some clear parallels between the pressures currently being faced by the EU and those faced in ancient Rome
  4. Some of the key drivers of the current market volatility, apart from the EU referendum
  5. How Justin Urquhart Stewart is planning to vote in the referendum
  6. The best plan for riding out market volatility, whatever the result

I think there are so many facets to this debate and it will depend very much on your point of view. And it was ever thus, right? We’ll make the decision based on what it means for us, perhaps at the expense of the greater good. Ah well, we’ll see, sometime on June 24th probably, what the outcome will be

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