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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

This shorter-than-usual season has been about me chatting with some mates about how they have built successful businesses online. It occurred to me while going through that you. May enjoy hearing what my answers to the questions might be. I’ve used largely the same questions throughout the season, so I’ve had time...

Dec 21, 2018

Listener Claire asks about how to tell if a fund is passive or active, when looking at a list of available funds in her workplace pension.

Dec 19, 2018

Today I’m talking to Janet Murray. She is one of the people I admire most online. She has built a multi-faceted business around her specialism of PR, but is also not afraid to pivot when she feels it necessary. She has done that recently and experienced even more success since. She is on the way, I kid you not, to...

Dec 14, 2018

Listener Mark asks if it's possible to have too many funds in your portfolio?

Dec 12, 2018

Today I’m delighted to reintroduce you to my friend Chris Marr from The Content Marketing Academy, one of my favourite people on the planet. Chris has built sustainable, recurring revenue business over the past six years after being made redundant from his job. It’s a belter.