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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Sep 14, 2016

In this episode, I chat to Michael F. Kay, a Certified Financial Planner from the US and author of a new book called the Feel Rich Project. I was approached by Michael’s people and offered a pre-release version of the book. Prior to the interview, I had skimmed it, but since I have read it properly, and it’s a great read, not least because it’s a great reminder to keep money its place. I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

The Feel Rich Project


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The Feel Rich Project with Michael F. Kay

The thing which attracted me most to Michael’s book when his team approached me was its title, The Feel Rich Project. It is a great reminder that feeling rich is about much more than having money. But the book isn't just full of touchy-feely stuff, there are some really practical steps to take, with worksheets to help you along.

I really got a sense that Michael is a kindred spirit, keen to spread the message that simple financial planning can lead to major freedom in many other areas of life.

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Michael's Book: The Feel Rich Project

Email Michael for the worksheets: Click here and don't forget to attach proof that you have bought the book!

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