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The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 24, 2024

We’re on the home straight of a season covering the big mistakes we can all make with our finances, and today we’re talking about neglecting our financial reviews. It’s easy to put things off, but keeping a regular eye on our financial situation is so, SO important. We’re going to talk about why that’s the...

Jul 17, 2024

Today we’re going to be talking about the big mistake of waiting until… Until what? Well, we mean putting off making decisions until some arbitrary point the future, or until some self-determined set of circumstances come to pass - all will become clear, we hope!



Jul 10, 2024

Today we revisit the vitally important subject of what the experts call behavioural finance or behavioural economics, which is really the study of how we interact, as emotional human beings, with the cold, hard world of finances.


Jul 3, 2024

We’re carrying on our season of Big Mistakes and today we’re covering the mistake of not planning for later life, which is truly a big mistake. There’s lots to think about in later life and too many people leave it too late, causing problems for themselves and their loved ones.